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Transportation & Logistics

All buyers are responsible for the items purchased at the auction. Below is a list of companies that can assist you with shipping those items. Please contact them directly for scheduling and pricing. 

It is your responsibility and the responsibility of your shipping agent to coordinate removal procedures and schedules with the company selling the assets (equipment) prior to removing the equipment.

All the equipment must be paid for in full before a release will be given for the removal of the equipment.

If there are any questions or errors regarding the equipment, you must contact the auctioneer prior to removing the equipment. Once the equipment is removed, you assume all responsibilities.

Transportation Vendors - Click Here

These shipping company names are provided for your convenience, you are not required to use these companies.

Adcom Worldwide Services – Tel: 800.370.7700 • Quote link

Craters and Freighters – San Jose, CA • Tel: 800.993.7688 • e-mail

Craters and Freighters – Tel: 800.736.3335 for other locations • Website

Computer Transportation Services – Chad McDermott • Tel: 800.831.0030 x17 • e-mail • Website

Navis Pack & Ship – Tel: 800.344.3528 for locations • e-mail • Website

Nationwide Equipment Transportation, Inc – Tel: 866.922.8855 for locations • e-mail • Website

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